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Don't Make a Scene

Celebrity PA Maddy Sparks has put her aspirations on hold to dash round London fulfilling the requests of her demanding clients. Acting as surrogate mother, best friend and therapist, Maddy is much more than just an assistant but feels stuck. That is, until her real ambition to become a screenwriter is reignited after a throwaway comment to Casper – a bitchy showrunner – and turns into a side hustle on his TV series.

When he has a brush with the law, Casper expects Maddy to smooth things over like always, but how far is she prepared to go to realise her dream? Coerced and compromised, she turns to her network of fellow PAs who use their combined knowhow and contacts to rescue her.

As a celebrity PA with 25 years’ experience working for some of the UK’s best-known names, author Merryl Futerman is perfectly placed to give a glimpse into this world in her fun, fast-paced debut novel.



'Highly recommend this!
It's scurrilous, intriguing - an impressive debut novel

Freya North
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