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My Story

It all started with books – I worked in publishing, first in an American publishing house and then the press offices of Virago and HarperCollins where I was responsible for the books of JR Tolkien amongst others. Lured by the bright lights of showbusiness, I moved over to the film industry, working as part of the unit on set when films were being made but I quickly realised the lifestyle didn’t suit me. By now I recognised my skill set as forming individual relationships, and looking after people, so I set myself up as a freelance Celebrity PA, truly believing it was a role I had created. This was around the time I had my daughters and was looking for a way to be around for them more. It worked – I was able to be open with clients about my family responsibilities as long as I was always at the end of the phone for them.

Clients came to me in a variety of ways, but my first and longest standing - Julian Clary - came to me through the graphic designer who helped me put a leaflet (it was the 90s) together, offering my services.

Over the last twenty years I have supported some of the biggest names in UK entertainment, including Jonathan Ross, Anne Robinson, Denise Van Outen and always the aforementioned Julian Clary.  But during the pandemic my work dried up, so I turned my full attention to the novel I had been working away at for years as a hobby. I was ready for a new challenge, a new phase of my career.

I have been an active participant in the vibrant professional PA community, appeared as a speaker and panel member at PA conferences at Olympia London and Excel and written articles for Executive Secretary, PA Life magazine and various blogs. For a few years I ran a PA training course called PA Access All Areas with my colleague Josephine where we shared our hard-won tips and tools.

There is a sequel to Don’t Make A Scene on the way, staying with some of my key characters. I’ve decided to make it even more dramatic
than this one.

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